Perdus de vue.

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Henri Edwin Rousseau, pilot of a Stirling bomber was lost in action on 17/12/1942 in Germany.

He was born on Mousty ( Belgium) the 21/6/1919 .

To report of discoveries about the plane in Germany, some months ago, we decided to look for Henri Edwin Rousseau’s lineage.

He has two brother and we are searching for their lineage in England.

 Camille Jean,  born in 16/9/1920. Mother Evelyn Ayling was married in Bromley or Beckenham as reported in the christening document in our parish two year after birth. Reported  born in Hemden as read or may be in  Hendon ?

 Michel David Camille Pierre, born 13/7/1928. Mother Gladys Bevan, married in Paris XIVème. He was born in Viroflay (France).Seem to live later in Croydon. (Died in Oxford in May 1984 )*

Father of Henry Edwin : Camille Jean Ernest was born in Mousty in 12/5/1894. He was, we supposed, soldier in army in World War I. He married Evelyn Ayling in Bromley St Benedict about 1917/18. Married a second time in Paris after the death of his first wife in London, he lived in France, Belgium. We have traced these facts but lost him with World War 2. (Died on 7/1978 Coventry*)

We supposed they lived sometime around Liverpool. 

Connection with his family was difficult and in the diary of his father we know they have seen each other for the last time in 1939. Diary stop in 1940.

If you have friends, relatives, contacts in England with good genealogy networks, send this message to them, in the hope of finding details of the life of this Rousseau family and report to them.

Official documents are time protected by the law and not accessible.

Please don’t brake this chain and if you are not concerned put this request, please forward it to any potentially interested person, even on Facebook in the U.K , knowing that many people have Rousseau as a surname. Access to ancestry websites requires to give Visa card number and for this reason non considered.

o Reconsidering this fact, during confinement for Covid, we put on Ancestry a basic tree with siblings; After 4 months no info °

Thanks for your support


  • Extra Information from 10/7/ 2020

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